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Historic Rego details

Historic registration

Historic vehicles may be registered under the Conditional Registration Scheme. The conditional registration of historic vehicles is referred to as the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS).

Classic Vehicle Log Book trial

Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services have developed a Classic Vehicle Log Book trial. The Wagga Classic Motorcycle Club Inc (WCMC) is a participant in the Classic Vehicle Log Book trial.


Historic vehicles must be 30 years of age or older as from the year of manufacture.

The registered operator must be a member of a Roads and Maritime recognised historic vehicle club.

If the operator changes clubs during the currency of the conditional registration, a Historic Vehicle Declaration proving vehicle and operator eligibility for the new club is required.

Historic vehicles must be as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seatbelts and turn indicators, or period accessories and options, if desired.

Registering a vehicle in the Historic Vehicle Scheme

To conditionally register a vehicle in the Historic Vehicle Scheme, you must attend a registry or service centre in person and present:

Registration procedures for the Wagga Classic Motorcycle Club Inc (WCMC)

Renewal of existing registrations

In 2016 and 2017 the WCMC is not able to conduct roadworthy inspections for historic vehicles as clubs are unable to do this in the first two years of operation. Members will need to obtain a pink slip for each motorcycle they plan to register and present this, along with a Historic Vehicle Declaration, signed by the club Plates Registrar, Bob Edwards, and registration papers to the RMS.

A club registration day will be held at Alan Gamble Automotive 33 Dobney Avenue Wagga Wagga on the first Sunday of December. Pink slips (vehicle safety inspection reports) will be provided for roadworthy motorcycles at a reduced rate, as well as Historic Vehicle Declarations with your details included.

New registrations

To register a new motorcycle you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Contact WCMC Plates Registrar, Bob Edwards on 0459 211 055 for WCMC authorisation of the Historic Vehicle Declaration.

  • Take your completed paperwork (Application for Conditional Registration, proof of identity, proof of ownership, Historic Vehicle Declaration and pink slip) to the RMS. Registrations are for the calendar year so if you are registering a motorcycle during the year only register your motorcycle until the end of that year. This means that all club registrations are due at the same time and inspections can be carried out at the club registration day in December.

Vehicle suitability for safe use

Historic vehicles must be declared suitable for safe use by:

  • A vehicle safety check inspection report, or

  • Historic Vehicle Declaration not greater than 42 days old
    Note: A vehicle safety inspection report must be presented if the club is less than two years old

Vehicle use

Historic vehicles can be used for events organised by Roads and Maritime recognised historic vehicle clubs or community organisations, provided an official invitation has been received and recorded by the club in the official minutes, or 'Day Book'.

Historic vehicles can also be used on a road or road related area for:

  • Servicing within a short distance from their place of garaging

  • The inspection of the vehicle

If a longer journey is necessary, the operator must notify the club and the details recorded by the club in the official minutes or 'Day Book'.

Operators wishing to use historic vehicles for the passenger transport for weddings or other functions should first check the requirements under the Passenger Transport Act 1990. For information about passenger transport requirements, contact the Enrolment Processing Unit on 1800 227 774 or (02) 9891 8900. The operator must also seek approval from the club, and the details recorded by the club in the official minutes or 'Day Book'.

Historic vehicles must display conditional registration number plates and a current registration label.

Name bars may be affixed to the number plate provided the positioning of the name bar does not obscure the number plate.

NSW historic vehicles may be used temporarily in other States and Territories, under the same conditions as apply in NSW.

Visiting vehicles under a similar scheme in their home State or Territory may be used temporarily in NSW, under the same conditions as apply in their home jurisdiction.


Historic vehicles under the historic vehicle scheme may be operated on roads and road-related areas only under the following conditions:

  • Registered operator must be a member of an authorised motoring club

  • Use only in conjunction with an authorised club event or maintenance

  • Use as part of the Classic Vehicle Logbook trial

The name of the registered operator's club is also recorded as a special condition. If the registered operator belongs to more than one club, the name of the primary club or other clubs may be recorded as a special condition as requested.

Other conditions may be recorded as required.

The Certificate of Approved Operations, detailing the conditions applicable to the operation of the vehicle, must be carried in the vehicle whenever the vehicle is used on a road or road related area.

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